Handbook of ROCOR Liturgical Practice:

During the Little Entrance of a Hierarchical Vigil, do the clergy and servers destined to stand on the right side of the Bishop cross in front of him, or behind?

While it has become commonplace in some other traditions for the procession of the Little Entrance to divide, with some walking out of the Altar and standing in a column to the Bishop’s left and others breaking away and crossing in front of the Bishop to form a column on his right, this practice is a novelty and foreign to ROCOR custom.

During the Little Entrance, all clergy and servers exit the Altar by the north door, and process towards the cathedra. Those who will stand on the Bishop’s left stop once they reach their place; those for the right continue to process around the cathedra, behind the Bishop, and take up their places on his right. Once all are in place on both sides, all ranks bow to the East, cross themselves, bow to the Bishop, and then face each other in their ranks.