Handbook of ROCOR Liturgical Practice:

What vestments should be worn when receiving Holy Communion?

It is important to understand and to follow the traditions of our Church as they relate to receiving Holy Communion by those in Holy Orders, of whatever rank:

  • Clergy who are serving: Complete vestments.
  • Priests who are not serving: Ryassa, epitrahil (stole), cuffs, and phelon.
  • Deacons who are not serving: Complete vestments.
  • Subdeacons and Readers (whether serving or not): Cassock and stikhar, orarion if blessed (Subdeacons and Readers never receive Holy Communion without being vested).
  • Altar servers (non-tonsured): Servers must always commune without vestments; i.e. their stikhar is to be removed before Communion, and can be put back on afterwards (note: servers who have removed their stikhar to receive Communion may put it back on afterwards without taking another blessing from the priest.)