Handbook of ROCOR Liturgical Practice:

It is important to understand and to follow the traditions of our Church as they relate to receiving Holy Communion by those in Holy Orders, of whatever rank:

  • Clergy who are serving: Complete vestments.
  • Priests who are not serving: Ryassa, epitrahil (stole), cuffs, and phelon.
  • Deacons who are not serving: Complete vestments.
  • Subdeacons and Readers (whether serving or not): Cassock and stikhar, orarion if blessed (Subdeacons and Readers never receive Holy Communion without being vested).
  • Altar servers (non-tonsured): Servers must always commune without vestments; i.e. their stikhar is to be removed before Communion, and can be put back on afterwards (note: servers who have removed their stikhar to receive Communion may put it back on afterwards without taking another blessing from the priest.)