His Grace Bishop Irenei will be present in the Diocese in January and early February, 2019, as a regular archpastoral visit during the period in which practical matters are arranged for a permanent move into the territory of the Diocese.

Bishop Irenei’s visit in January-February will be very busy, incorporating two weekends at the Diocesan Cathedral in London, Theophany and one Sunday in the Cathedral in Geneva, and travelling from the UK to Moscow for a meeting of the Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church.

A central feature of the visit will be the consecration to the Episcopacy of Bishop Irenei’s new Vicar Bishop, Archimandrite Alexander (Echevarria), as Bishop of Vevey. The consecration service will take place on Sunday, 20th January at the Cathedral in Geneva, and will be concelebrated by His Eminence Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Germany, His Grace Bishop Irenei of Richmond and Western Europe, His Eminence Archbishop Agapit of Stuttgart and His Grace Bishop Theodosy of Seattle.

The basic outline of Bishop Irenei’s January-February visit is as follows:

  • Friday 18th January: Geneva Cathedral: Royal Hours (8.15 a.m.), Divine Liturgy (9.30 a.m.), Compline & Matins (5.30 p.m.)
  • Saturday 19th January: THEOPHANY (Geneva Cathedral, 9.00 a.m.), All-Night Vigil and Rite of Election (Geneva Cathedral, 5.30 p.m.)
  • Sunday 20th January: Consecration of the Vicar Bishop of Vevey (Geneva Cathedral)
  • Monday 21st – Tuesday 22nd January: Visitations in Switzerland
  • Wednesday 23rd January: Divine Liturgy (Vevey, Switzerland)
  • Friday 25th January: Akathist to the Theotokos (London Cathedral, 6.15 p.m.)
  • Saturday 26th January: Daily Hierarchical Liturgy (London Cathedral, 9.00 a.m.) All-Night Vigil (London Cathedral, 5.00 p.m.)
  • Sunday 27th January: Divine Liturgy and Concert (London Cathedral 9.45 a.m.)
  • 28th January – 2nd February: Moscow, Russia
  • Sunday 3rd February: Divine Liturgy (London Cathedral, 9.45 a.m.), and departure.

Any who would like to meet personally with Bishop Irenei whilst he is in London, despite the tight time constraints of this visit, are welcomed to speak with the Diocesan Chancellor, Archpriest Paul Elliott (frpaulelliott@aol.com or 07926 194 031) to arrange a time.

Bishop Irenei is presently scheduled to visit again in Great Week, Pascha and the weeks following during; which visit to include the Diocesan Pilgrimage to St Albans on 11th May 2019.