TUESDAY, 16th JANUARY 2018 (n.s.): Only a few hours after arriving in London from the USA, His Grace Bishop Irenei chaired a regular meeting of the Parish Council of the Diocesan Cathedral Parish of the Dormition of the Theotokos and Holy Royal Martyrs. Following a moleben ‘Before the Undertaking of any Good Work’, served by the acting deputy-rector of the Cathedral, Archpriest Vitaly Serapinas, the Parish Council met in the Cathedral library for its regular monthly meeting.

Following a report by Bishop Irenei on various activities in the broader Orthodox world (including a brief report on the Council of Bishops that took place in Moscow in December) and elsewhere in the Diocese, the meeting focused on the various works of the parish as it enters into the new year — the chief among these being preparations for the consecration of the Cathedral in September. Noting the great strides that have been taken to improve parish life over the past months, Bishop Irenei encouraged the councillors of the Parish and the Parish Trust in the increased works of mission, charity and love that must continue to characterise the renewal and expansion of parish life in the year ahead. Reports were given by various parish officers, including discussion of the expansion of the parish choir, sisterhood, and various projects to be undertaken in the months ahead.

Significant time was spent discussing preparations for the Cathedral’s consecration in September, which shall be a significant event in the life not only of the Cathedral parish community, but the Diocese as a whole.

Bishop Irenei will preside over the Divine Services of the Feast of Theophany over the coming days at the Diocesan Cathedral, as well as giving a series of talks and serving over coming weeks. For further details on services at the Cathedral, please visit the Cathedral website.