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Liturgical Question:
How are the particles upon the diskos to be placed into the chalice after Communion?
Handbook Category: Diaconal Services and Rubrics (index)

At the conclusion of the Communion of the faithful, the Deacon follows behind the Priest, who carries the chalice, to re-enter the Altar through the Royal Doors — himself carrying the spoon and communion cloth. Setting these atop the Holy Table, he immediately removes the large particle dedicated to the Mother of God from the diskos and places it into the chalice, saying nothing; he then lifts the diskos and carefully pours the remaining particles into the chalice, channelling them with his hands, while saying the appointed prayer ‘Wash away, O Lord, the sins…’.

Once all the particles are in the chalice (using the sponge to wipe the diskos clean, ensuring no particles remain thereon), the Deacon then covers the chalice with one of the star-covers. He places the other liturgical items upon the diskos in the following order: folded asterisk, spoon (wrapped in the communion cloth) and spear; folded aer; and the second star-cover.

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