On account of the great number of people throughout our Diocese, and indeed the world, who are currently housebound under restrictions put in place by various local governments in response to the coronavirus COVID-19, and in order that such measures do not throw faithful off the lenten path of spiritual attention and growth, the Diocese will be broadcasting a series of live-streamed Lenten spiritual talks with His Grace Bishop Irenei of London, the first of which shall take place at 7.00 p.m. British Time on Monday 23rd March 2020. The talk will be broadcast via the Facebook Livestream feature, via the Diocese’s official Facebook page.

The theme of the first Lenten talk will be ‘Insights from the Desert for the Interior Struggle of Great Lent.’

When asked to consider speaking on-line, rather than in the context of the regular spiritual talks that His Grace routinely offers the faithful in person, Bishop Irenei agreed readily and noted, ‘In this time of understandable concern, and with so much of day-to-day life being orientated around the current epidemic and the world’s responses to it, it is important that we not lose sight of the spiritual focus of this Lenten season: the attentive focus on our interior lives and the purification of the heart. This arena of spiritual growth is in no way hindered by current circumstances. It is essential, therefore, that we not speak only of the virus or quarantines and precautions, but also of repentance, of the attainment of the virtues, of developing hearts that conquer the passions and rise to the heights of love. It will be good for us to speak together about these things — and if technology can help us in this, may it be blessed!’


  • Date and Time: Monday 23rd March 2020, at 7.00 p.m. British Time (8.00 p.m. European Time)
  • Duration: One Hour
  • Language: English (questions taken in English, Russian and French)
  • Location: Live stream broadcast on Facebook, via the Diocese’s official Facebook page.