While the situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic continues to make normal attendance at Divine Services within the temples difficult or impossible for many of the faithful, the Diocese continues to provide resources to aid in praying at home, in the sacredness of the ‘domestic Church’, during this period. Below, you will find ‘Readers versions’ (i.e. arrangements of the Divine Offices for situations in which no priest is present, to be prayed by laypeople) of the holy services of Palm Sunday, on which we commemorate the Lord’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem in advance of His glorious Passion. His Grace Bishop Irenei has blessed all the pious faithful of the Diocese to pray these services at home, either alone or amongst household family members, standing before your sacred icons, confident in the knowledge that God hears the prayers of those who love Him, from wherever they are offered.

On the Eve of the Feast (Saturday Evening):


On the Sunday of Palms (Sunday Morning):


The texts above are gratefully taken from the website of Archpriest John Whiteford, of the Mid-American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, via his page here. The texts have been formatted to European / British page sizes and converted to an embedded format for display here.