His Grace Bishop Irenei will be present in the Diocese from 24th April – 13th May 2019. This will be his final regular archpastoral ‘visit’, prior to His Grace’s permanent relocation to London at the beginning of July.

As usual, the timetable of this visit will be very busy, enabling Bishop Irenei to visit as many places within the British Isles as possible. The visit will incorporate Holy Week and Pascha at the Diocesan Cathedral in London, some of Bright Week in Mettingham and East Anglia, St Thomas Sunday at St Elisabeth’s in Wallasey, the Diocesan Pilgrimage in St Albans Abbey on Saturday 11th May, and Sunday 12th May at St John’s, Colchester.

The outline of the visit is as follows:

  • Great and Holy Wednesday, 24th April: Presanctified Liturgy at the Diocesan Cathedral, London.
  • Great and Holy Thursday, 25th April: Divine Liturgy of Holy Thursday, and Twelve Passion Gospels, at the Diocesan Cathedral.
  • Great and Holy Friday, 26th April: Royal Hours, Vespers with Burial Service, and Matins with Lamentations and veneration of the Shroud, Diocesan Cathedral, London.
  • Great and Holy Saturday, 27th April: Divine Liturgy of the Great Sabbath, as well as evening reading of the Acts of the Holy Apostles, Midnight Office and Paschal Liturgy, followed Paschal meal, at the Diocesan Cathedral.
  • HOLY PASCHA, Sunday 28th April: London Cathedral.
  • Bright Monday, 29th April: Divine Liturgy at the Diocesan Cathedral.
  • Bright Tuesday, 30th April: Divine Liturgy at the Diocesan Cathedral.
  • Bright Wednesday, 1st May: Divine Liturgy at Mettingham Parish.
  • Bright Thursday, 2nd May: Divine Liturgy at Norwich Parish.
  • Bright Friday, 3rd May: Divine Liturgy at the Chapel of Our Lady of Walsingham, Little Walsingham.
  • Bright Saturday, 4th May: Parish visitations in the north of England.
  • St Thomas Sunday, 5th May: Divine Liturgy at St Elisabth’s Parish, Wallasey.
  • Monday 6th – Friday 10th May: Various visitations and excursions in north and then south of England.
  • Saturday 11th May: Diocesan Pilgrimage to St Albans Abbey. 9.45 a.m. Hierarchal Divine Liturgy. In the evening at St John’s, Colchester.
  • Sunday 12th May: Divine Liturgy at St John’s, Colchester.
  • Monday 13th May: Depart.

Bishop Irenei will also be giving a number of spiritual talks in London, Mettingham and Wallasey. The schedule of these will be posted shortly.

Any who would like to meet personally with His Grace Bishop Irenei whilst he is in the Dioecese, despite the tight time constraints of this visit, are welcomed to speak with the Diocesan Chancellor, Archpriest Paul Elliott (frpaulelliott@aol.com or 07926 194 031) to arrange a time.