On Sunday morning, November 26, 2017, the feast day of St John Chrysostom, Schema-Archdeacon Ambrose (Taratuchin) reposed in the Lord following a long illness. His Grace Bishop Irenei of Sacramento, issued the following statement to the clergy and faithful of our Diocesan Cathedral:

Dear in Christ, Fathers and Councillors of the London Cathedral.

May God bless you! I ask you, in your mercy, please to remember in all your prayers the newly-reposed servant of God, my spiritual son in the Great Schema and former (long ago) parishioner of the Cathedral in London, Schema-Archdeacon Amvrosiy. He was a devout soul, rich with piety but also deep humour. He had been in failing health for some time, and his repose today (in the early hours of the morning) did not come without warning or without preparation. Fr Amvrosiy was ready, and met his repose with peace and with his monastic, clerical, and fleshly family members (including his brother, Archpriest Michael) at his side.

May God remember His servant, and grant him the Kingdom! Bishop Irenei

* Fr Amvrosiy and Fr Michael both attended the Annunciation Convent’s Orthodox School in Brondesbury Park and were taught by Mother Elisabeth and her sisters. Their father (who was a Cossack Ataman) and mother and family all worshipped at Emperor’s Gate. The boys served in the altar for many years. Their mother latterly attended the Annunciation Convent and St Edward’s Brotherhood, Brookwood up until her repose. (The editor is indebted to Subdeacon Nicolas Mabin for some of these details)