FRIDAY 29 FEBRUARY / 13 MARCH 2020: On the Friday of the second week of the Great Fast, His Grace Bishop Irenei served the rite of General Unction at the Parish of St Elisabeth in Wallasey, near Liverpool in England.

The service of healing was served for the first time in the Wallasey parish, and was attended by faithful of the community and the surrounding regions.

During his words at the conclusion of the rite, His Grace reminded the faithful that the healing of soul and body is tied always to the remission of sins, saying, ‘It is in, through and with the remission of sins that the healing of our whole being takes place. God knows which physical ailments hinder us, and which may aid us through struggle — the Good Physician is always seeking the restoration to full life of all His children.’

At the conclusion of the rite, all the gathered believers were anointed with the sanctified oil.

The next morning, Bishop Irenei celebrated the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom as appointed for Saturdays in Lent, co-served by Archpriest Paul Elliott, rector of the parish and Chancellor of the Diocese. A common meal was had with the faithful, prior to the Bishop’s departure by car for Telford, where he will celebrate first patronal feastday of the new mission parish of St Chad.