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Saturday Russian School

The education of children is vital for their development and life as Christians in modern society. Operated with the blessing of the Parish and overseen by its Clergy is a Saturday School that runs in the Church House, where children between the ages of six and sixteen are taught in Russian. Lessons focus on God’s Law, Russian language and culture, singing, history, literature and connected subjects.

In the school, the Law of God teaches the basics of the faith, as well as the Church Slavonic language which is essential for children who want to gain a deeper understanding of worship, Church literature and iconography. Church music helps the students better to understand the Divine Services, and to take a more active part in them. Meanwhile, while Russian history and culture can, in other contexts, be a controversial subject given the complexities of that history and ever-changing cultural influences, in the school this history is taught wholly from a religious point of view, striving to negate any distortions in the appreciation of the pious legacy of the Slavic peoples and their Orthodox cultures.

The Russian language is obviously one of the important subjects, as it helps children to maintain and develop skills in this language, which can otherwise be difficult for those pupils attending English schools where Russian is not often taught. Russian lessons at our school foster confidence in speaking this beautiful language, and in preparing pupils to take the Russian Language GCSEs and A-Levels.

The school runs over three terms during the academic year, starting in each September and running through to July. For further information and details of fees, please contact Archpriet Yaroslav Hudymenko.

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