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What is the correct form of the final commemoration of the Great Entrance, before the chalice is brought into the Altar?
Category: Divine Liturgy

The correct form of the final commemoration of the Great Entrance is: ‘And all you Orthodox Christians, may the Lord God remember in His Kingdom, always, now and ever and unto the ages of ages’ (и всѣхъ васъ, православныхъ христіанъ). It is not correct to say ‘And you and all Orthodox Christians…’ (и васъ и всѣхъ православныхъ христіанъ), which is an innovation and alteration of both the form and the character of the commemorations of the entrance.

In the Great Entrance, which is itself a kind of extension and continuation of the commemorations of the Proskomedia, there are already petitions for Orthodox Christians outside the temple in which the Liturgy is taking place (this happens in the precedent words of the Great Entrance, after the commemoration of the Hierarchy, when the Priest commemorates the homeland / present land, ‘and the Orthodox faithful who dwell in it’ [и православныя люди ея]). The final commemoration of the entrance, by contrast, is specifically of the people in the temple, on behalf of whom, with whom and for whom the present offering is being made. The errant phrasing ‘And you and all Orthodox Christians…’ loses the significance of this, making the petition general/universal, rather than specific to the concrete Orthodox Christians standing before the Priest at that moment, whom he is leading in the present Liturgical sacrifice.

Where a Priest has for whatever reason come under the influence of this alternative phrasing, he must correct this error immediately and use only the proper form henceforth.

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