Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Annual Diocesan Spiritual Event

Holy Land Panorama (2022)

‘Walking in the footsteps of Christ and His saints…’

Each year, in addition to several pilgrimages to the Holy Land organised at a regional level by its individual parishes, the Diocese centrally organises a pilgrimage to the Holy Land that is customarily led by the diocesan Bishop. The Diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land is normally a 11-13 day experience of intensive immersion in the spiritual life, centred in the principal sites of Christ’s incarnate life and mission in this world, together with the lives of His most pure mother and many of the apostles and saints. At each site, Bishop Irenei, together with travelling clergy as well as local monastics and inhabitants of the holy sites, serves Divine Services, proclaims the Scriptures associated with the site, and provides spiritual instruction and insight into the locations and their importance to the Orthodox spiritual life.

The itinerary for the 2024 pilgrimage is currently being planned, and it is hoped that this year the pilgrimage will include two days on the Holy Mountain of Sinai. Details will be provided here as soon as these are available. In the meantime, details of the recently-concluded 2023 pilgrimage are provided here for reference and to provide a general insight into the ethos of our pilgrimages.



Pilgrimage Programme 2023

Day-by-day details of the sites visited during the pilgrimage.

On-line registration form

Register on-line to take part in this year’s pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

Photo-report from 2023

View photos and read an account of our most recent pilgrimage in the Holy Land.


What to know before you register

Spiritual preparation

Guide for Pilgrims (dress, packing, etc.)

Register On-line for the 2024 Pilgrimage

Registration for the 2024 pilgrimage is not yet open. Please check back a little later; once registration is open, the on-line registration form will be visible and accessible here.

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