The Diocesan Chancellery

The Diocese’s Central Administration


The Diocesan Chancellery is the administrative office of the Diocese, handling all central administative matters for the whole of its territories throughout continental Western Europe and the British Isles, as well as coordinating the travels and other undertakings of the Diocesan Bishop. Formal matters or general queries about Diocesan activities should normally be addressed to the Chancellery in the first instance (using either the e-mail form below, or via telephone or post); if a query more properly relates to another institution or person within the Diocese, the Chancellery will be happy to place you in touch with the appropriate individual.

The Chancellery is overseen by the Diocesan Chancellor, who is appointed by the Bishop and in this function additionally serves as the coordinator of the Bishop’s calendar. The present Diocesan Chancellor is Archpriest Paul Elliott.

The parishes are themselves the pastoral centres for the Diocese’s life. If you have a question about pastoral matters, Divine Services, or events taking place at various parishes, you are encouraged to contact the parishes directly, or to approach the relevant clergy with your queries, as these matters are not normally handled by the Chancellery.

About the Diocese

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Our Two Diocesan Regions

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Administrative Structure

Find out more about how our Diocese is structured and administrated throughout its eleven nations.

Our Church Abroad

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Where can I find the Bishop's calendar?

The Ruling Bishop’s calendar of parish visitations is published on this website. The most up-to-date information about forthcoming parish visits can be found there.

If you wish to enquire about arranging a visit of the Bishop to a parish or event, or if you would like to arrange to visit the Bishop, either during his travels or in London, please contact the Diocesan Chancellor to make such arrangement.

Is there also a Diocesan Chancellery in Geneva?

Since the uniting of the formerly-separate Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland with that of Western Europe, the former chancellery of the latter has been combined with the former. From the end of 2019, the former chancellery office in Geneva has been formally closed; all correspondence must now be addressed to the current Diocesan Chancellery at the coordinates listed on this page (below).

Do you provide information about being ordained, or about transferring into the Diocese from another?
Key Links

Information for those enquiring about ordination or tonsure into any rank of the clergy: Reader, Subdeacon, Deacon or Priest.

Information for Orthodox clergy seeking to transfer from their current Diocese of Local Church into our Diocese.

An overview of the main organs of Diocesan Governance, including the Diocesan Assembly, Council, Regional Councils, Trustees, etc.

The Spirtiual Court page contains information on matters relating to its work, including the consideration of divorce cases.

Canonical constituion, Safeguarding policy, Web site privacy policy, and similar policy documentation.


E-mail the Chancellery

This contact form is for general communication with the Chancellery; your message will be forwarded to the individual best able to address your query. Please do not use this form for contact with a specific clergyman or with the bishops; for such purposes, use the clergy contact form instead.


+44 151 653 7768, or
+44 7926 194031 (mob.)

Phone Times

M-F: 10am – 2pm
(British Timezone)

Postal Correspondence

58 Shrewsbury Road
Birkenhead, CH43 2JJ, UK

Diocesan Chancellery

58 Shrewsbury Rd
Birkenhead CH43 2JJ
United Kingdom

(This is for postal communications only; the Chancellery is not open for in-person visits except by previous arrangement.)

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