Liturgical Handbook of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
Where is the asterisk (star cover) placed after it is taken from the diskos?
Category: Divine Liturgy

After the Deacon has removed the asterisk from the diskos, tapping its four legs on the four sides of the diskos while the Priest proclaims ‘Singing, shouting, crying aloud and saying’, he first ensures that no particles from the commemorations have clung to it (using the sponge, if necessary, to remove any such particles back onto the diskos), then he lifts the asterisk to his lips and kisses it. He does not present it to the Priest to kiss. He then folds the asterisk and places it upon the folded aer, which has already been placed on the left-hand side of the Holy Table, above (to the east of) the Cross.


photo_2022-09-02 10.52.57.jpg

The asterisk properly placed upon the aer at the corner of the antimins.

The practice of placing the folded aer on the antimins, in the centre of its top edge, comes from outside the liturgical heritage of the Church Abroad and is not to be followed.

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