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Handbook of Liturgical Practice of the Russian Church Abroad
Liturgical Question:
Are the nabedrennik and palitsa (rectangular- and diamond-shaped priestly awards) worn under the liturgical belt, or over it?
Handbook Category: Clergy Vesting and Entrance Prayers (index)

If awarded them, the priest wears the nabedrennik and/or palitsa hanging under (i.e. beneath, bound by) the liturgical belt, rather than over the top of it. (See image.)

If the Priest has the right to wear the nabredrennik alone, it is worn on his right side. If he has been awarded the palitsa, the nabedrennik is transferred to his left side and donned first in the order of vesting; the palitsa is worn on the right side. Both are donned before the belt, so that they are worn beneath it.

A Priest with the palitsa always wears both the nabedrennik and the palitsa when he vests fully, never just the palitsa alone (as is done by Bishops).


This Liturgical Handbook is provided as a resource on the liturgical customs and practices of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

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