Policy Documents

Please find here key documents that may be of use in interacting with the Diocesan Administration on various matters. If you have any questions about these documents or how to complete them, you are welcomed to contact the Chancellery for guidance.

Diocesan policy documents

Canonical Constitution – The Canonical Constitution of the Diocese formally outlines its essential structures of operation and administration.

Diocesan Safeguarding Policy – The Diocese maintains a Safeguarding Policy that applies to all Diocesan employees and volunteers who work with children or vulnerable persons.

Web Site Privacy Policy – Information on the usage and storage of personal information associated with the use of the Diocesan web site.

Council / Trust Memberships

Council members – Current members of the Diocesan Council, Regional Councils for Continental Europe and the British Isles, Diocesan Trustees, and other bodies.

Ordination Vows

Vows – The vows before ordination to any rank of clergy are available in English, Russian and French. (For full information on ordination, or reception from another Orthodox jurisdiction / diocese, please see the detailed guidance on the Chancellery pages.)

Documents for Parish Councils and their Members

Instructions to Churchwardens (Starostas) – Guidance document providing instruction to Churchwardens in parishes of the Diocese of Great Britain and Western Europe.