Key Documents

Please find here key documents that may be of use in interacting with the Diocesan Administration on various matters. If you have any questions about these documents or how to complete them, you are welcomed to contact the Chancellery for guidance.

Documents concerning ordination of new clergy, and the reception of clergy into the jurisdiction of the Diocese

Examination of Candidates, and Reception of Ordained Clergy from other Jurisdictions

Those who, under the guidance of their Spiritual Father and with the blessing of the Ruling Bishop are approaching ordination or tonsure to any rank of the clergy (Reader, Subdeacon, Deacon, Priest) will be required, prior to ordination, to complete the Examination of a Candidate for Tonsure or Ordination into Any Rank of the Clergy form. The same form must be completed by clergymen of any rank who, with the blessing of their current Hierarch, are seeking transfer into the Diocese of Great Britain and Western Europe from their current diocese. To access this form, please visit the General information on serving in the Clergy of the Church Abroad, in this Diocese page, and follow the links to the document on that page.

Ordination Vows | Присяги | Serments

Additionally, prior to tonsure or ordination, the candidate makes a life confession before his Spiritual Father within the Diocese (who for this purpose is always a senior cleric of the Diocese), and then, following the longstanding custom of our Russian Church, makes an Ordination Vow before the Gospel and Cross of the Saviour, together with the Confessor, which is then signed by both.

It is the practice within our Diocese that clergymen already ordained in other territories of the Orthodox Church, when they are canonically received under the omofor of our Ruling Bishop, make these same vows immediately upon arrival into the Diocese.

Diocesan policy documents

Diocesan Safeguarding Policy – The Diocese maintains a Safeguarding Policy that applies to all Diocesan employees and volunteers who work with children or vulnerable persons.

Web Site Privacy Policy – Information on the usage and storage of personal information associated with the use of the Diocesan web site.