Readers of English may be interested to note that Subdeacon Nicolas Mabin, Subdeacon of the Diocesan Cathedral in London, has just written a detailed review of the various editions of “My Life in Christ”, the spiritual diary of St John of Kronstadt.

There are a number of English editions that have been published over the past 103 years, with the latest having been recently published by Holy Trinity Publications, Jordanville, New York. Subdeacon Nicolas gives the reader some interesting background to the various editions and their editors and translators. One of those acknowledged by Erast Evgenievich Goullaeff in the first edition in 1897 was Fr Eugene Smirnov, the Rector of the Russian Imperial Embassy Chapel in London who, some years later, was one of the first clergy outside Russia to join the administration of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia in 1920.

The 2015 edition of “My life in Christ” translated by E E Goullaeff and edited by Deacon Nicholas Kotar is available from Holy Trinity Publications.