On a sunny Saturday, September 23rd, our lively community of parishioners and the enthusiastic members of the cathedral’s youth group gathered at Gunnersbury Cemetery for the tour led by Subdeacon Nicolas Mabin.

During our journey, we had the privilege of visiting the resting places of prominent members of our parish community and the Russian Church Abroad. Among them were Abbess Elisabeth Ampenoff, Archpriest George Cheremetieff, Count and Countess Wladimir Kleinmichel, as well as other distinguished individuals, including a talented ballerina, a gifted writer, and a renowned architect.

As we strolled amidst the solemn beauty of Gunnersbury Cemetery, Subdeacon Nicholas Mabin skillfully wove tales of these remarkable lives, shedding light on their significant contributions to our church and community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Subdeacon Nicholas Mabin for his enlightening guidance and to all who joined us on this inspiring journey. Together, we celebrated our shared heritage and drew inspiration from the remarkable stories that continue to shape our cathedral and community.