With the blessing of the Parish Rector, His Grace Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe, the Parish Council is making an appeal for all regular parishioners to establish a pattern of consistent monthly giving, to the Cathedral financially by means of a Standing Order.

All parishioners as requested prayerfully to consider creating such a Standing Order with their bank, which permits a monthly donation to be made in any amount, great or small, for the support of the parish. Even if you are able only to give £5 or £10 monthly by this means, the consistency and predictability of such Standing Order income is profoundly helpful in permitting the Cathedral to budget its needs.

‘Our Cathedral receives no state funds, no funds from abroad, indeed no funds from anywhere except our own faithful,’ the Bishop recently said. ‘Many people who come to the Cathedral, even very regularly, do not realise that it is entirely dependent upon the donations given, to cover all its costs: paying its Priests, providing supplies, paying for utilities, repairs and beautification, providing for the choir, and so on.’

A Standing Order is a regular monthly pledge to the parish, paid directly from your bank account into the Cathedral’s account, in any amount you set and controlled entirely by you. If you already know how to set up such a Standing Order, you can do so with the Cathedral’s Bank Account details, which are located on our Fundraising Page. If you don’t know how to do this, please speak with the Starosta, Mr Alexey Koloydenko or the Treasurer, Mrs Zana Ulevic, who will be happy to assist you.