Cardiff Parish pilgrimage to Glastonbury, May 2023

As reported on this site in March, the Kazan Icon Parish in Cardiff, Wales, has initiated a programme of monthly regional pilgrimages to sacred sites associated with saints of the British Isles. The most recent such pilgrimage took place on 13th May, to Glastonbury, where a group of pilgrims served a moleben to St Brigid on the site of the ancient island monastery at Beckery, where St Brigid and other Irish saints stayed on their visits to the ancient abbey.

The pilgrims then heard a talk about the sacred site and visited the abbey ruins, sheltering from the heat and sharing a picnic before some amongst the group ascended Glastonbury Tor, the site of St Collen’s hermitage.

This is only the most recent of the monthly pilgrimages being undertaken by faithful from the Cardiff parish and surrounding region. In February a pilgrimage was made to Llandaff Cathedral, where, on the Saturday after the feast of St Teilo, a moleben was served before the skull-relic of the Holy Hierarch St David of Wales. April’s Bright Saturday pilgrimage was to Mathern near the Severn, where the Holy King Tewdrig died and was buried after leading the Christian Welsh against a pagan Saxon invasion, his sacred relics later being interred beneath the floor of the parish church at the reformation. There the pilgrims celebrated the Paschal moleben at the holy spring that issued forth at the spot where the dying king rested and with whose waters his deadly wounds were washed.

Those interested in taking part in future local pilgrimages organised by the Cardiff Parish are encouraged to contact its clergy, Hieromonk Mark, Deacon Mark Fisher, or Hierodeacon Avraamy, for further details.